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How to write a CV

Your CV: here is what you should include…


Personal details – include your name, mobile, email address and LinkedIn profile link


Summary – This is where you describe your professional experience, focus on what you can offer and keep to 50 – 100 words. Use keywords from the job description to create a match in an ATS. As well as your professional experience list your experience with systems, skills, and competencies


Work Experience – Beginning with your most recent role include your employer’s name, position, and responsibilities. If you’re title is uncommon replace with a more generic title.

Under a sub heading list your achievements, support this with facts or statistics, use this to demonstrate your success in the role


Education & qualifications – Keep this brief, list the qualification, year completed and university or college


References – Include at least two references of former employers


More tips…

  • Remember to spell check your CV and check the font and layout
  • If you can tailor your CV to each role, using key words from the job description and add a cover letter so your application stands out
  • Keep your CV to 2 or 3 pages in length
  • Don’t hide gaps in your CV, if you’ve travelled or taken time out for family detail this


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